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    Parties and Elections in Europe            
 NEWS 2008

News in brief: Latest events around the world of parties and elections in Europe.

Dec Bulgaria
The Bulgarian People's Union (BNS), an alliance of center-right parties (ZNS, VMRO-BNS, SSD), was dissolved. The Agrarian People's Union (ZNS), the Bulgarian National Movement (VMRO-BNS) and a new party called LIDER founded the alliance Forward (NAPRED).
Source: Southeast European Times
Dissident left-wing members of the Socialist Party (PS) around the former minister Jean-Luc Mélenchon founded the democratic socialist Left Party (PG).
Source: Spiegel Online
The Alliance of Independent Democrats in Europe (AIDE), an eurosceptic party at the European level, was dissolved.
Source: Wikipedia
The nationalist People's Union (NS), formerly known as Party of National Revival (NV), merged into the KPRF.
Source: Lenta
The New Democratic Party (PDR), led by Genc Pollo, merged into the Democratic Party of Albania (PD).
Source: CES European Factbook
Nov Russia
The liberal conservative Union of Rightist Forces (SPS) and two minor parties [Civil Force (GS) & Democratic Party of Russia (DPR)] were dissolved and reorganised into a Kremlin-backed pro-business party called Right Cause (PD).
Source: RIA Novosti
A special conference of the liberal Progressive Democrats (PD) voted for the party to go out of existence, after the leadership stated it was no longer politically viable. It will now be dissolved in the coming weeks.
Source: RT√Č
Freethinking Democratic Party (FDP) and Liberal Party of Switzerland (LPS) decided to merge. The unified party will be called FDP. The Liberals [German: FDP. Die Liberalen; French: PLR. Les Libéraux-Radicaux; Italian: PLR. I Liberali; Romansch: PLD. Ils Liberals]. The founding congress will take place in 2009. The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) [LPS branch in Basel] still opposes the merger.
Source: NZZ
Moderate cantonal spin-offs of the Swiss People's Party (SVP) in Berne, Glarus and Graub√ľnden founded the Civic Democratic Party Switzerland (BDP).
Source: Swissinfo.ch
Navarre / E
The People's Party (PP) suspended the pact of institutional collaboration with its Navarrese sister party, the Navarrese People's Union (UPN). The PP announced to reestablish an own regional branch in Navarre.
Source: El Pais
Declan Ganley, Irish businessman and head of the campaign against the Irish referendum about the Treaty of Lisbon,  founded an eurosceptic party at the European level called Libertas.
Source: Irish Times
The Party of Social Justice (PSS) joined Just Russia - Motherland, Pensioners, Life (SR). The social democratic SR has recently obtained observer status in the Socialist International.
Sources: Kommersant / European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity
Oct Serbia
Dissident members of the nationalist Serbian Radical Party (SRS) around deputy party leader Tomislav Nikolić set up a new party called Serbian Progressive Party (SNS). The dissidents had supported the ratification of the EU Association Agreement in the Serbian Parliament.
Source: B92
The Agrarian Party of Russia (APR) merged into the party United Russia (ER).
Source: APR
Members of the League of Polish Families (LPR), linked to the fundamentalist Catholic 'Radio Maryja', founded the eurosceptic party Forward Poland (NP).
Source: Rzeczpospolita
Sep Denmark
The liberal party New Alliance (NA) changed its name into Liberal Alliance (LA).
Source: NA
Jul Switzerland
The local branch of the SVP in Graub√ľnden (expelled from the SVP in June) and other moderate SVP dissidents founded cantonal sections of the Civic Democratic Party Switzerland (BDP) [German: B√ľrgerlich-Demokratische Partei Schweiz]. The Federal Councillors E. Widmer-Schlumpf and S. Schmid joined them.
Source: NZZ
The new Conservative Democrats of Slovakia (KDS) were established by four right-wing and eurosceptic MPs of the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH).
Source: Der Standard
Jun Trento / I
The Democrats of Trentino (DT) [the regional branch of the former DS], a leftist faction of the Civic Daisy (CIVICA) and the Association for the PD (APD) established the Trentino branch of the PD. The traditional wing of the Daisy was reorganised into a regionalist party called Union for the Trentino (UPT).
Source: L'Adige
The Lithuanian Christian Democrats (LKD) merged into the conservative Homeland Union (TS). The new unified party is called Homeland Union - Lithuanian Christian Democrats (TS-LKD).
Source: LKD
The small extraparliamentary People's Action (AP), led by the former President E. Constantinescu, merged into the PNL.
Source: AP
The Party for Democratic Prosperity (PPD) merged into the Democratic Party of Albanians (PDSH).
Source: Wikipedia
Apr Belgium
The Flemish party SPIRIT changed its name into Flemish Progressives (VP).
Source: EFA
Rita Verdonk, former Minister for Integration & Immigration and member of the conservative liberal People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), founded the right-wing party Proud of the Netherlands (ToN).
Source: De Volkskrant



San Marino
The San Marinese National Alliance (ANS) and the San Marinese People (POPOLARI) founded a federation called San Marinese Union of Moderates (USDM). The recently adopted electoral law includes an election clause of 3,5%.
Source: Wikipedia
Liberal unity: The Freethinking Democratic Party (FDP) and the Liberal Party of Switzerland (LPS) announcend their intention to merge in autumn.
Source: News.ch
Feb Italy
Forward Italy (FI), the National Alliance (AN) and several minor parties established a common electoral list for the upcoming legislative elections. The new formation, led by Silvio Berlusconi, is called People of Freedom (PDL). The parties agreed to merge into a single party in autumn. League North (LN) and the Movement for Autonomy (MPA) allied with the PDL.
Source: La Repubblica
The small Italian Radicals (RI) decided to run on the list of the Democratic Party (PD) led by Walter Veltroni. Italy of Values (IDV) allied with the PD.
Source: La Repubblica
The Social Liberal Party (PSL) merged into the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM).
Source: European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity
Jan Moldova
The Social Democracy Party (PDS) [AMN spin-off], the Social Democratic Party of Moldova (PSDM) and parts of the small Centrist Union of Moldova (UCM) merged into the new Social Democratic Party (PSD). The unified party is led by Dumitru Braghis, former leader of the PDS.
Source: Wikipedia
The small Socialist Unity Party of Russia (SEPR) joined Just Russia - Motherland, Pensioners, Life (SR).
Source: RFE/RL

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