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    Parties and Elections in Europe            
 NEWS 2006

News in brief: Latest events around the world of parties and elections in Europe.

Oct   Russia
A new leftist party, Just Russia - Motherland, Pensioners, Life (SR), was formed as a merger of Homeland - National Patriotic Union (RODINA), Russian Party of Pensioners (RPP) and Russian Party of Life (RPV). The party supports President Vladimir Putin. The nationalist wing of RODINA (Party of National Revival, PNV), did not join SR.
Source: Wikipedia
Sep   Scotland / UK
The Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) split after internal struggles: A minor faction led by former SSP leader Tommy Sheridan left the party and founded a new socialist party called Solidarity - Scotland's Socialist Movement (SSM). Two of its six MSPs joined the new party.
Source: Wikipedia
  Northern Cyprus
Some leading members and four MPs of the conservative National Unity Party (UBP) founded the centrist Freedom and Reform Party (ÖRP). The new party serves as the junior partner in the current government.
Sources: Wikipedia & ÖRP
The rightist Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) changed its name into Order and Justice - Liberal Democrats (TT).
Source: LDP
Jul   Belarus
The leadership of the pro-government Communist Party of Belarus (KPB) proclaimed a merger with the opposition Communists' Party of Belarus (PKB). The PKB leadership slammed the merger, describing it as a government-orchestrated move to liquidate the opposition party.
Source: RFE/RL
Jun   Estonia
Conservative merger: The Pro Patria Union (IL) and the Union for the Republic - Res Publica (RP) merged into the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL).
Source: RP
May   Poland
The Polish People's Party (PSL) split: A minor right-wing faction formed the Polish People's Party 'Piast' (PSL 'Piast'). Three of its four MEPs joined the new party.
Source: Wikipedia
Apr   Lithuania
DP and LiCS split after internal struggles: The Civic Democratic Party (PDP) broke out from the Labour Party (DP) and the Liberal Movement (LS) broke out from the Liberal and Centre Union (LiCS).
Sources: PDP & LS
The Action Committee for Democracy and Pensions Justice (ADR) was renamed into Alternativ Democratic Reform Party (ADR).
Source: ADR
Mar   Estonia
The Estonian United People's Party (EÜRP) changed its name into Constitution Party (KP). The non-parliamentary Democrats - Estonian Democratic Party (EDP) merged into the conservative Pro Patria Union (IL).
Source: ETV24
The Italian League North (LN) and the Polish League of Polish Families (LPR) left the Independence/Democracy Group (ID) in the European Parliament.
Source: ID
The rightist Freedom Party (PVV) was founded as the successor to the parliamentary faction 'Group Wilders'. Party leader Geert Wilders had left the conservative liberal People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) in 2004.
Source: De Telegraaf
Feb   Lithuania
The Peasants' and New Democracy Union (VNDS) changed its name into Lithuanian Peasant Popular Union (LVLS).
Source: VNDS
The small conservative Democratic Party (DS) merged into the ruling Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (SDKU). The new party's name is SDKU-DS.
Source: SDKU
  Czech Republic
The non-parliamentary parties Alliance of Independents (SNK) and European Democrats (ED) merged. The unified party, led by former Foreign Minister Josef Zieleniec, is called SNK - European Democrats (SNK-ED). The pro-European and liberal conservative SNK-ED is represented by three deputies in the European Parliament.
Source: Der Standard
Jan   Italy
The party federation Rose in the Fist (RnP) between the Italian Radicals (RI) and the Italian Democratic Socialists (SDI) joined the center-left electoral alliance The Union (L'UNIONE) led by former Prime Minister Romano Prodi.
Source: Der Standard
Liberal merger: The small Liberal Party (LS) merged into the Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS).
Source: LS

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