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    Parties and Elections in Europe            
 NEWS 2005

News in brief: Latest events around the world of parties and elections in Europe.

Dec   Ukraine
Six Ukrainian parties signed an accord to set up the Our Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko Bloc to form a joint election list for the parliamentary elections in 2006. In particular, the bloc includes the People's Union Our Ukraine (NSNU), the People's Movement of Ukraine (NRU), the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (PPPU), the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists (KUN), the Christian-Democratic Union (CHDS) and the Ukrainian Republican Party Sobor (URPS).
Source: NSNU
New Horizons (NEO) merged with the European Democracy (ED), a party of former DISY members opposing the Annan Plan, into the new European Party (EK).
Source: Wikipedia
David Cameron, new party leader of the British Conservatives, pledged to withdraw the Conservative MEPs from the eurofederalist EPP-ED. He intends to build up a new eurosceptic group within the European Parliament (Alliance for an Open Europe). The Czech ODS, the Polish PiS and some other parties are interested in joining the group.
Source: Wikipedia
Nov   Italy
The Italian Radicals (RI) and the Italian Democratic Socialists (SDI) created a federation called Rose in the Fist (RnP).
Sources: Wikipedia & RnP
A liberal faction of the social democratic Democratic Party (DS) led by Čedomir Jovanović formed the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). The party also reached a coalition agreement for the next parliamentary elections with the liberal Civic Alliance of Serbia (GSS).
Sources: RFE/RL & LDP
A leftist wing, led by former Moldovan PM Dumitru Braghis and seven deputies, left the liberal party Alliance Our Moldova (AMN). Braghis accused party leader Serafim Urechean of dictatorial practices in running the party.
Source: RFE/RL
A faction of the Great Romania Party (PRM), led by former vice-president Corneliu Ciontu, formed the new centre right People's Party (PP).
Sources: Wikipedia & PP
Oct   Italy
The Socialist Party - New PSI (NPSI) split into a leftist faction led by Bobo Craxi and a rightist faction led by Gianni de Michelis. The leftist wing plans to merge with the Italian Democratic Socialists (SDI) to rebuild the Italian Socialist Party (PSI).
Source: Der Standard
Five parties of the right-wing alliance House of Freedoms (CdL) led by Silvio Berlusconi plan to merge: Forward Italy (FI), National Alliance (AN), Union of Christian and Centre Democrats (UDC), Italian Republican Party (PRI) and Christian Democracy for the Autonomies (DCA).
Source: Der Standard
Sep   EU
The European People’s Party (EPP) approved to give the Democratic Party (PD) of Romania the status of observer. The EPP decided not to accept the application of the Conservative Party (PC) of Romania, as it does not fulfill the EPP criteria.
Source: EPP
The Democratic People's Party (DEHAP) merged into the new Democratic Society Party (DTP). The DTP was set up by the prominent Kurdish human-rights activist Leyla Zana and other Kurdish legislators.
Sources: European Free Alliance & Der Standard 
Jul   Germany
An extraordinary PDS session has decided to change the name of the party to The Left Party (THE LEFT). Appending the acronym PDS is possible. This can be decided either at the federal level or by the party organisations in the states.
Source: PDS
The nationalist wing, led by the party's co-leader Sergey Baburin, left the Homeland - National Patriotic Union (NPS). This second split led to a reunification of Dmitry Rogozin's and Sergey Glazyev's supporters within the leftist NPS.
Source: RFE/RL
Jun   Slovenia
At the 5th National Congress the party name of the United List of Social Democrats (ZLSD) was shortend to Social Democrats (SD).
Source: ZLSD
The small Humanist Party of Romania (PUR) was renamed into Conservative Party (PC). The Democratic Party (PD) left the Socialist International and officially abandoned its former social democratic ideology to take a more market-oriented stance. Both parties announced to join the European People's Party (EPP).
Sources: Wikipedia & SETimes
The Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) and a splitter group of left-wing SPD-dissidents, the Labour and Social Justice - The Electoral Alternative (WASG), agreed to form an election alliance for the general elections scheduled in September. After the elections a joint commission is to be set up to discuss all further aspects of the planned unification into one party.
Süddeutsche Zeitung 
May   Poland
A new liberal formation, the Democratic Party (PD), was set up by Freedom Union (UW) leader Władysław Frasyniuk, former PM Tadeusz Mazowiecki and Deputy Prime Minister Jerzy Hausner, former member of the SLD. The Freedom Union (UW) merged into the new PD.
Source: Die Tageszeitung
Freethinking Democratic Party (FDP) and Liberal Party of Switzerland (LPS) intend to build up a federation called Union of Freethinkers and Liberals (UFL).
Source: LPS
The Estonian Centre Party (EK) absorbed the extraparliamentary Estonian Pensioner's Party (EPE).
Source: EK 
Apr   Austria
Leading members of the FPÖ and most members of the federal parliamentary group left the FPÖ and established a new party called Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ). The BZÖ is led by Jörg Haider, the Prime Minister of Carinthia.
Source: Der Standard
The Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF) absorbed the small Hungarian Democratic People's Party (MDNP).
Source: Der Standard
The Belarusian Social Democratic Party - People's Community (BSDP) and the Belarusian Social Democratic Community (BSDH) merged into the Belarusian Social Democratic Party - Community (BSDP). Alexander Kozulin, former rector of Belarusian State University, was elected as the new party's chairman.
Source: RFE/RL 
Mar   Ukraine
Supporters of President Viktor Yushchenko, coordinated by the president's brother, Petro Yushchenko, set up a new party called People's Union - Our Ukraine (NSNU). The new center-right party will remain open for the allied parties in thealliance Bloc Our Ukraine (NU).
Source: RFE/RL
Four center-left parties of the alliance L'Ulivo, the Left Democrats (DS), the Daisy - Democracy is Freedom (DL), the Italian Democratic Socialists (SDI) and the Movement of European Republicans (MRE) founded the federation Uniti nell'Ulivo. The new federation is led by Romano Prodi.
Source: L'Ulivo
Feb San Marino
Social democrats merged: The Party of Democrats (PD) and the Sanmarinese Socialist Party (PSS) merged into the Party of Socialists and Democrats (PSD).
Source: PSD 
Two opposition liberal parties merged: The Party of Liberal Democrats (LIBRA) merged into the Croatian People's Party (HNS). The unified party is called Croatian People's Party - Liberal Democrats (HNS).
Source: HNS
The extraparliamentary Christian Democratic National Peasants Party (PNTCD) changed its name into Christian Democratic People's Party (PPCD).
Source: RFE/RL 
Jan   Ukraine
The political platform Our Ukraine (NU) and the Turkish Justice and Developement Party (AKP) were accepted as observers in the European People's Party (EPP). The European Left (EL) accepted the Danish Unity List (EL) and two other minor parties as observers.
Sources: EPP & EL
Former left-wing members of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) founded the party Labour and Social Justice - The Electoral Alternative (WASG).
Sources: SZ & WASG

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