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    Parties and Elections in Europe            
 NEWS 2004

News in brief: Latest events around the world of parties and elections in Europe.

Dec Italy
The People's Alliance - UDEUR (AP), led by Clemente Mastella, left the center-left alliance Olive Tree (L'Ulivo).
Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung
SMER, Party of Democratic Left (SDL), Social Democratic Alternative (SDA) and Social Democratic Party of Slovakia (SDSS) merged. The new party, called SMER - Social Democracy, is led by Robert Fico, former chairman of SMER.
Source: Die Presse
Nov Belgium
The Supreme Court in Brussels declared the far-right Flemish Bloc (VB) a criminal organisation because of violations against the anti-racism-law. The VB was reorganised into the new party Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest).
Source: Der Standard
Jul Russia
The Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF) split into two groups. The major faction is led by Gennady Zyuganov, the dissident breakaway faction by Vladimir Tikhonov. The Homeland - National Patriotic Union (NPS) was also divided into supporters of Sergey Glazyev and Dmitry Rogozin.
Source: RFE/RL
May Moldova
The Our Moldova Alliance (AMN, former BEAB & PRC), the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) and the Social Liberal Party (PSL, former PFD) announced the establishment of the Democratic Moldova Bloc (BMD) alliance.
Source: RFE/RL
15 socialist and communist parties founded the pan-European Party of the European Left (EL). The following parties are members of the new organisation: KPÖ (Austria), SDS (Czechia), ESDTP (Estonia), PCF (France), PDS (Germany), SYN (Greece), MP (Hungary), PRC (Italy), PAS (Romania), RCS (San Marino), KSS (Slovakia), IU/PCE/EUA (Spain), PdA (Switzerland). AKEL (Cyprus), KSČM (Czechia), PdCI (Italy), Déi Lénk (Luxembourg) and BE (Portugal) are observers. Chairman of the EL is Fausto Bertinotti, who is also chairman of the Italian PRC.
Source: PDS
Mar Poland
More than 20 deputies of the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD), led by Sejm speaker Marek Borowski, left the ruling SLD and created a new left-wing party called the Social Democracy of Poland / Socjaldemokracja Polski (SDPL).
Source: RFE/RL
Feb EU
32 green parties joined forces and founded the European Green Party (EGP).
Source: Euractive
26 legislators of the Union of Democratic Forces (SDS) left the party together with former Prime Minister Ivan Kostov. Their decision came in response to Nadezhda Mikhailova's re-election as SDS chairwoman.
Source: RFE/RL
Four italian center-left parties will present themselves under a common list in the European Parliament elections under the logo of the Olive Tree (Uniti nell'Ulivo - United in the Olive Tree): The list will be made up of the Left Democrats (DS), the party Margherita - Democracy and Freedom (DL), the Italian Democratic Socialists (SDI) and the Movement of European Republicans (MRE).
Source: EU Observer
Five scandinavian ocialist parties founded the Nordic Green-Left Alliance (NGLA): SF (Denmark), VAS (Finland), VG (Iceland), SV (Norway) and VP (Sweden). The member parties of the Alliance are also part of the European United Left - Nordic Green Left (EUL/NGL) parliamentary group in the European Parliament.
Source: SF
The social-democratic People's Party Moderates (M) changed its name into Social Democratic Party (SDE).
Source: Moodukad
Jan Lithuania
The Lithuanian Union of Political Prisoners and Exiles (LPKTS) merged into the Homeland Union (TS). The TS intends to change its name into Homeland Union - Conservatives, Political Prisoners and Exiles, Christian Democrats
Source: RFE/RL
The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) split: A minority faction, led by Bishop Laszlo Toekes, formed the Hungarian Civic Union (UCM).
Source: RFE/RL
The populist Party of Constitutional Offensive (SCHILL) expelled party founder Ronald Schill. Schill and some followers joined the small Party Pro German Centre (Pro DM). Pro DM changed its name into Pro DM / Schill.
Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung
The socialist Coalition of the Left and Progress (SYN) changed its name into Coalition of the Left of the Movements and Ecology (SYN).
Source: SYN
The small christian-democratic Union of Democrats for Europe (UDEUR), former part of Margherita, changed its name into People's Alliance - UDEUR (AP).
Source: UDEUR


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