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    Parties and Elections in Europe            

Legislative elections in the European countries and autonomous subnational entities. Past results since 1945 are stored in the archive. Additional informations about the political leaders, the electoral laws and the composition of governments. Parties that gained no seats or failed to pass a threshold are usually not listed.

The political parties are characterised according to their political orientation (classifications). Also listed are their memberships in Europarties and inter- national party organisations
(listing), their founding years and their websites (abbr.: a: associated party, o: observer, hist.: historical predecessor).

 Albania  · Aland (Aut. Province)  · Autonomous Regions
 Andorra  France  Romania
 Armenia  Georgia  Russia
 Azerbaijan  Germany  San Marino
 Austria  · States  Serbia
 · States  Greece  · Kosovo*
 Belarus  Hungary  · Vojvodina (Aut. Province)
 Belgium  Iceland  Slovakia
 · Brussels (Region)  Ireland  Slovenia
 · DG (Community)  Italy  Spain
 · Flanders (Region)  · Regions  · Autonomous Communities
 · Wallonia (Region)  Latvia  Sweden
 Bosnia and Herzegovina  Liechtenstein  Switzerland
 Bulgaria  Lithuania  · Cantons
 Croatia  Luxembourg  Turkey
 Cyprus  Macedonia  Ukraine
 · Northern Cyprus*  Malta  · Crimea (Aut. Republic)
 Czech Republic  Moldova  United Kingdom
 Denmark  Monaco  · Crown Dependencies
 · Faroes (Country)  Montenegro  · Gibraltar (Overseas Territory)
 · Greenland (Country)  Netherlands  · Northern Ireland (Country)
 Estonia  Norway  · Scotland (Country)
 EU  Poland  · Wales (Country)
 Finland  Portugal  Vatican City

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