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Parties and Elections in Europe provides a comprehensive database about the parliamentary elections in the European countries and autonomous subdivisions since 1945 and additional informations about the political parties, the electoral systems, the acting political leaders, the governments and the electoral laws. The parties are characterised according to their political orientation. The website also contains an electoral calendar, news in brief and links to parties and election authorities.

The database currently contains the results of legislative elections from all European countries and more than 100 subdivisions. Use the menu bar to find every listed country, region or province.

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» Yes, it is Europe, from the Atlantic to the Urals, it is Europe, it is the whole of Europe, that will decide the fate of the world. «  Charles de Gaulle (French President from 1959 to 1969)
» Democracy is a matter not of expediency but of morality. « 
Willy Brandt (German Federal Chancellor from 1969 to 1974)

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 News in brief. Latest events around the world of parties and elections in Europe.
 European Union 
The Party of the European Left (EL) enlarged its membership and changed the status of one member: Unity List - The Red-Greens (EL) /  Denmark (upgrade from observer to full member), Left Party (PG) / France (full member; the party was founded in 2008 by a leftist current of the PS led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon).
Source: EL
 European Union
The right-leaning Alternative Democratic Reform Party (ADR) from Luxembourg joined the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists (AECR), a trans- national Europarty led by the British Conservatives and the Polish PiS.
Source: ADR
Parliamentary election · 13/06/2010.
Parliamentary election · 12/06/2010.
Parliamentary election · 09/06/2010.
 Burgenland / A
State election · 30/05/2010.
 Czech Republic
Parliamentary election · 28-29/05/2010.
After the merger proposal with the Social Democrats (SDE) was voted down by the party congress, the People’s Union of Estonia (ERL) splitted up. The former chairman and several board members left the party and joined the SDE. Media are speculating about whether the ERL will join the Estonian Center Party (K).
Source: Baltic Reports
 North Rhine - W. / D
State election · 09/05/2010.
 United Kingdom
Parliamentary election · 06/05/2010.
Parliamentary election, 2nd round · 25/04/2010.
The leaders from the Social Democratic Party (SDE) and the agrarian People's Union of Estonia (ERL), Jüri Pihl and Karel Rüütli, signed a merger agreement. 
Sources: The Baltic Times / BBN
Parliamentary election, 1st round · 11/04/2010.
Regional elections in 13 regions · 28-29/03/2010.
People's Harmony Party (TSP), New Center (JC) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP), all members of the five party alliance Harmony Centre (SC), established the Social Democratic Party 'Harmony' (SDPS). The local Daugavpils Municipal Party (DPP), 4th member, also declared to merge into the party.
Sources: News.lv / Diena.lv
 Aosta Valley / I
Two regionalist parties and the local branch of the Federation of the Greens (VERDI) in the region Aosta Valley, in particular Lively Aosta Valley (AV), Valdotanian Renewal (RV) and Alternative Green Movement (MVA), founded a new center-left party called Autonomy, Liberty, Participation, Ecology (ALPE). The former senator Carlo Perrin was elected to the first coordinator.
Source: Aosta Sera
A considerable number of local branches of the extraparliamentary Social Democratic Party (PSD) announced that they were leaving to join the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM). The defectors claim to represent 11,000 members, which is about 2/3 of the total number of branches. The PDM, lead by the PRCM defector Marian Lupu, announced that it seeks to consolidate the center-left.
Source: Moldova.org
A faction of the PiS around the former Minister of Interior Ludwik Dorn and seven MPs founded a conservative party called Poland Plus (PP).
Sources: Der Standard / Wikipedia
 European Union
The Party of European Socialists (PES) enlarged its membership and changed the status of some members: PS/Albania, DPS/Montenegro, SDP/Montenegro (full member parties); CTP/Northern Cyprus (observer); SDP/Bosnia and Herzegovina, S/Iceland, DS/Serbia (upgrade from observer parties to associate members). The suspension of SMER-SD/Slovakia was lifted.
Source: PES
The Social Liberal Party (SLP) decided to merge into the Greens (GROEN).
Source: De Standaard
The Carinthian branch of the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ), The Freedomites in Carinthia (FPK), joined forces with the FPÖ. Federal BZÖ chief Josef Bucher’s announced plans to position the party as a "liberal, economy-orientated force" are regarded as one of the reasons for the move.
Source: Austrian Times
Four deputies of the Movement for Autonomies (MPA), who belonged to the pro- PDL current, were expelled and founded a new party called We the South (NS).
Source: Corriere della Sera
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